How You Can Finally Write the Book God Called You to Write...

even if you feel stuck, overwhelmed and unworthy.

If you suffer from...

  • Confusion... you don't know what to write... or what to write next...

  • Overwhelm... because climbing Mount Everest feels easier than writing your book...

  • Procrastination... it's no longer "just" a problem, it's become your way of life...

  • Perfectionism... your writing is never good enough, no matter how hard you try...

  • Writer's Block... when you finally do manage to sit down to write, you can't...

  • Lack of Self-Worth... you feel you're never enough... and never good enough...

And if you feel...

  • You don't have the time to write... and no idea how to find it...

  • Paralyzed by fear that nobody will read your book, even if you manage to write it?

  • You're an impostor because, seriously, who do you think you are to write a book?

Then this message is for you.

Here's Why:

Even if you can't believe in yourself, I believe you can overcome all of the challenges that seem like climbing Mount Everest, and turn them into a beautiful stroll on a Costa Rica beach at sunset.

I believe in you.

Because I was there, right where you are, buried under the weight of my perceived inadequacies...

Until I finally realized they were all lies...

Until I learned how to silence my Infernal Editor - that nasty little voice in my head that never says anything nice... and is always trying to tear me down.

Until I understood my need for a success system - a roadmap for my successful journey down Publication Highway...

Until I accepted, deep in my heart, that this roadmap for writing success is the rocket fuel that would propel me to the finish line of Publication Highway and my very first completed, published book.

But I couldn't face that fact Until I Admitted My Way Didn't Work

Like me, you know

You Pay A High Price for Your Inaction

If you continue to do what you've always done,

you'll continue to get all the fear, failure and self-loathing you suffer with today.

If You Ignore Your Confusion, Overwhelm & Procrastination, It Only Gets Worse...

What most people do when facing overwhelm, confusion, procrastination or writers block is take a break, scroll through social media, avoid by reading or researching excessively, or try writing something else because that new story is so much easier...

But for most people, none of that works.

  • Confusion is not transformed to clarity by procrastination

  • Avoiding your problems is never the solution to solving them

  • Writers block is just your lack of focus tripping you up

  • Excessive time spent on research reflects a lack of self-discipline

  • Social media is a time-sucking distraction, not a solution to your writing problems

If Only There Was A Proven Path to Print…

You desperately want to write your book because you know

  • You can change your reader's life, if you could finally get this done.

  • Your trauma-to-triumph story will save your readers years of pain and anguish.

  • Your book is your path to the impact you know you were born to make.


  • Everything you've tried so far has not worked...

  • You're sick of feeling that you'll never finish your book...

  • You're so busy already...

  • You have no clue how to find the time to write...

  • You started to write your book but stopped so many times before...

Focus On What You Want Most

Imagine how great you’ll feel when your book is written, published

and making the impact you know you were born to make!

It all starts with the decision

– your decision –

to abandon fear, failure, and self-doubt and embrace your courage .

The Di Armani Method
is your Proven Path to Print

Who is Christopher di Armani,

and why should you listen to me?

Does My Story Sound Familiar?

I started to write a book... dozens of books... but I never completed a single first draft for over 15 years.

FINALLY, I got so sick of never finishing a single book that I finally did the one thing I refused to do throughout those 15 dark years of writing despair.

I created an outline for a book. Yes, I started another book, even though all my experience said I would fail this time too.

But, with the help of that outline and all of the things I teach you in this 3-day live event, I finally wrote, finished and PUBLISHED my very first book.

All by using the system I will share with you on August 7 - 9, 2024 at 5PM PST.

NOW, after writing and publishing 50 books....

and teaching other writers how to replicate my success...

I can't wait to walk you through The Di Armani Method to design and build your complete, detailed Roadmap for Writing Success so you can make the impact you know you were born to make.

What Others Say

"Writing my first book was a horrible experience. Christopher's process makes me want to write another book."

-Jesse Ray Castro

Will You Be My Next Success Story?


Christopher is AWESOME!

He gave me the accountability, wisdom and support I needed to birth my book babies into the world.

He asks insightful questions to bring out better content, and I found his coaching and support to be encouraging, positive and action-oriented.

Jendayi Harris


Without Christopher...

The Shower Genius would not exist. I had all the content in my head, but it wasn't organized. Christopher helped me organize it and give it structure and get it done.

And something I never thought of before, Christopher helped me understand what I needed to research to make my book resonate with my readers.

Deana Brown Mitchell


Christopher is your guy!

Christopher really broadened my horizons about my project and I couldn't be more grateful.

If you lack self-discipline and need some help to get your book written and published,

Dani Ferarra


Wherever you are in your creative

process, Christopher pulls out exactly the right tool from his coaching toolbox to address your unique situation.

Without his help and guidance, I would never have completed a single book... let alone TWO Amazon Bestsellers.

Nicolas Johnson

It Worked For These Writers, And It Will Work For You Too

Even if you already...

  • Tried to write your book in the past...

  • Are sick of feeling like you will never finish your book...

  • Don't know how to find the time to write, given all the demands on your time...

  • Don't know what to write... or what to write next...

  • Have a full-time job...

  • Have a family...

  • Don't quote get WHY writing your story is so important to you...

  • Lack clarity about the story you're led to share...

No matter what is holding you back from writing your book,

you can conquer it with


And that's what you'll learn at the...

Live 3-Day Event

It's Decision Time

You have a choice to make.

You can continue doing what you've been doing or worse, do nothing at all, and...

  • You will never finish your book...

  • You will never publish your book either...

  • All those readers who need your book and the solution it provides will be left to wallow in their pain, anguish and misery

  • You will never make the impact you know you were born for

And I know that's not what you want.

Make a different choice.

Take a different action so you can get a better result...

Write and publish your book so you can get it into the hands of the readers...

  • Most likely to buy it...

  • Most likely to read it...

  • Most likely to transform their lives through it...

  • So you can make the impact you know you were born for.

The Agenda


Using a variety of tools from my writing toolkit, I'll kick open the doors of possibility so can finally say to yourself...



Then I'll give you all the tools you need to quickly and easily write your book, so you can finally say, with confidence...



Then I'll show you how you can - with your complete, detailed roadmap in hand - write and publish your book this year.



  • How 15 years of failed first drafts turned into 50 published books (including Amazon bestsellers)

  • The simple yet effective way to create your book's outline in 60 minutes or less

  • How to become a better writer WHILE YOU SLEEP

  • How to become a better writer WITHOUT WRITING A WORD

  • How to make the time to write, no matter how many demands you have on your time

  • THE BIG LIE almost every writer tells themself and how to overcome it with ease.

  • The simple 2-minute trick to jumpstart every writing session... guaranteed!

  • How to calculate your book's writing deadline with 100% accuracy

  • How to determine what you must research so your book reaches deep into your reader's heart

  • How lessons from the Book of Esther can make you a better writer.

Here's What To Do Next

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Just a few of the comments from past participants of Christian Writer UNSTUCK

You'll Walk Away From



Your Complete, Detailed Roadmap for Writing Success

Wise travelers plan their journey. Wise writers use a complete, detailed Roadmap for Writing Success and, with all the pieces of the writing puzzle defined, they write with ease, knowing they possess the answers to every question that may arise on their journey down Publication Highway.


Your First Draft Deadline

You will know exactly how many days it will take to write your first draft, based on your writing skills, your life and your existing time commitments.


Your Detailed Book Outline

You'll never say, "I don't know what to write!" again. Your book's detailed outline slays "writers block" because it answers the question, no matter when you ask it, "What do I write next?"


Your Personalized Writing Schedule

Your scheduled writing sessions, also known as your writing routine, makes your finished and published book INEVITABLE.

I love anything that makes my finished book inevitable, don't you?


Your Writing Success Mindset

Your best thinking got you here, but it didn't get your book written.

When you leave this event, you'll know what your self-defeating thoughts are, and you'll have a full slate of empowering beliefs to replace them with so you can finally finish and publish your book.


Enrollment Strategies so Your Family Supports Your Vision

If your family doesn't support your writing dream, or it's still a secret you keep from them, I'll share my most effective strategies for enrolling your family, your friends and the people you care about most into supporting you through every step of your journey down Publication Highway.

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Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Wise travelers plan their journey. Wise writers use a complete, detailed Roadmap for Writing Success and, with all the pieces of the writing puzzle defined, they write with ease, knowing they possess the answers to every question that may arise on their journey down Publication Highway.


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Step-By-Step Roadmap to Writing Success Workbook

Writing your book doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. The benefit of your Roadmap to Writing Success is that it's specifically tailored to YOUR life. Once completed, your workbook contains the answers to every question you will have about your journey down Publication Highway.


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BONUS Writing Success Mindset Masterclass

Writing a book is simple. The challenges we face are always tied to our thoughts, feelings and internal self-talk. Through this Masterclass, you'll learn the essential skills to shift your thinking from "I can't..." to "I can..." to "I will..." to that ultimate destination of "I MUST write my book."

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